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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Setup Jenkins Server with Proxy Setting and Gitlab Integration Part 1

Jenkins Setup

Here are the steps which we need to configure Jenkins on a build server.
   1. Download Jenkins from
                - Currently installed version is 1.632
   2. Configure Global Security
a. Enable Security
b. Set to use Jenkins Own Database, and check the Allow user to sign up. [Required for first user sign up if not created already.]
c. Set Authorisation to Logged in user can do anything

Jenkins Proxy

e.      Signup and un-check “Allow users to signup”.
   3. If Jenkins is behind a proxy than you would need to configure it to have access to the internet. This is the part took me some time to figure it out. J

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple September 9 2015 Event – All you need to know

Yesterday Apple announced so much. Rather than writing multiple articles for each of the things announced yesterday I am trying to brief and give you the visuals from the event.

The crowd this time was huge, Tim specially mentioned the Apple Employees presence to the Event.

As Tim Cook did yesterday getting to the point straight way. 
Let’s start

Apple Watch

First thing announced was Apple watch. Apple watch new OS 2 is announced.

 New watch comes with new Faces

 With New OS comes new features
  • Time Travel – time travel is features where you can check the next day events.
  • Transit is added to the Maps.

Few Apps which were Demoed in the event
  • Facebook messenger is coming to Watch later this year.
  • iTranslate – iTranslate can translate update 90 languages and more will be added later.
  • AirStrip

 New Watch band with Leather strip.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to remove NavBar from Blogger Template

In Blogger we have NavBar at the top of the which gives us access to move around the blogger easily as shown below.

Blogger NavBar
It gives us access to Next Blog and there are more options to share the on different Social Networking sites and also to report as Spam.

However, you believe it or not it does impact the looks of the blog. We can remove the NavBar by editing the NavBar. You can click on Edit on the NavBar Widet and it open up the widget settings.

NavBar Blogger Widget Settings

This is hide the NavBar from the Blogger.