Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple September 9 2015 Event – All you need to know

Yesterday Apple announced so much. Rather than writing multiple articles for each of the things announced yesterday I am trying to brief and give you the visuals from the event.

The crowd this time was huge, Tim specially mentioned the Apple Employees presence to the Event.

As Tim Cook did yesterday getting to the point straight way. 
Let’s start

Apple Watch

First thing announced was Apple watch. Apple watch new OS 2 is announced.

 New watch comes with new Faces

 With New OS comes new features
  • Time Travel – time travel is features where you can check the next day events.
  • Transit is added to the Maps.

Few Apps which were Demoed in the event
  • Facebook messenger is coming to Watch later this year.
  • iTranslate – iTranslate can translate update 90 languages and more will be added later.
  • AirStrip

 New Watch band with Leather strip.

New Product Red and the New Designs with New Strips with different colors are also released. Watch the video on youtube.

New Strips

Watch OS 2 will be available from September 16.

iPad Pro

Next Statement of Tim Biggest thing ever happen to iPad since the iPad, iPad Pro watch launched with a beautifully made video. iPhone design comes to iPad. Only Concern whether it can pass the BendGate Test or not.. :P

Specifications of IPad Pro
  1. 12.9” Screen Size
  2. 5.6 Million Pixels
  3. 2732 x 2048 Screen Resolution
  4. New A9X processor with 2x Memory Bandwidth and 2x faster storage performance
  5. 1.8x faster
  6. CPU Performance 22x than the original iPad
  7. 2x faster GPU
  8. GPU performance is 360x than the original iPad Pro.
  9. 10 hr battery life with smart Screen refresh which adjust itself depending upon what is being displayed.

Next what I like the most is the Smart Keyboard for iPad.

With this Apple is really making its way to the Personal Computing and making sure the migration is smooth.

Apple Pencil

Apple is really making the things better and making sure the iPad reaches to the all the parts of the Community and make an impact over the different kinds of markets. For those who are into Digital marketing and other digital media which benefit a lot from this. This opens up a whole new level of Development Ideas for the Developers all over the world. There are lot of things which can be done with Apple Pencil, You can actually touch each pixel with Pencil and how Force touch has been integrated with Pencil.

You can watch this video and you will be amazed by what can be done with Pencil.
iPad Pro with these Accessories will be available in November.


Apple TV

Apple event Invitation line “Hey Siri, give us a hint” was really about the Apple TV. They have get rid of all the keys from the remote and we do not need to point the remote towards the TV also because it works with Bluetooth.

Siri has been improved to such an extent that we do not need to do anything. We need to just tell Siri what we need.

So what comes with this new Apple TV

This is what Apple TV remote look like

IPhone 6S and IPhone 6S Plus

“The Only thing that’s changed is everything” is 3D Touch. I would not write much about this because it is something that you should experience and what it in action here 

Apple comes up with this new Plan which is called “iPhone Upgrade Program”.

This means you can have new iphone every 12 months and it comes with AppleCare+.

Happy Shopping!!

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