Saturday, August 8, 2015

Introduction to Hybrid App Development


With the Origin of mobile operating systems like iOS, Andriod, Windows and Others in the market. There are variety of devices in with different form factors and different hardware specifications. With the evolution of the Mobile Operating System, Mobile Devices hardware has evolved a lot. We will not deep into hardware development but yes we will talk more about the Software part.

So, What are the ways we can develop a Mobile Application?
  1. Using xCode with Swift, Objective - C and using their UI Libraries we can build Apps for iOS. you can go to Apple Developer Site to know more about it.
  2. Android Application development using Java. Getting Started with Android.
  3. Windows phone application development using .Net Framework and C#. Windows phone App Development getting started.
As Listed above if you need to build an App for multiple devices you would think I would need to learn all these technologies and believe me I have not listed all the Technologies which are used, I have just mentioned the programming languages.

So now you can understand what could be the problem with this. Anyway, I will mention it explicitly, Now I want to develop an App for all 3 Operating Systems. I have to develop it in 3 different plateforms to support 3 different mobile operating systems. Which I think would be huge effort for Developers and Enterprise Softwares. This problem leads to the evolution of Hybrid Mobile Application development with mainly involve development with PhoneGap (Currently known as Cordova).

Now a days, Everyone knows that there are other ways to develop Mobile Applications using
  • The way to implement Native Application Development you can use above listed approaches and development tools.
  • With the evolution of HTML, CSS and Javascript we can build Web Apps and run them on the Devices by adding Shortcuts to Home Screen.
  • Hybrid App Development is done using HTML, CSS and Javascript only but the ability to interact with device native features. We will talk more about this here.
We will mainly talk  about Hybrid Application Development today.

Hybrid Application Development

So How do I develop Hybrid Application? There are many SDKs available in the market these days to do Hybrid Application Development. I would like to list few of them. We will talk about them in details in separate blogs.

Hybrid App Development Tools

  1. IBM Worklight
    1. with IBM Worklight you can use JQuery Mobile
    2. Sencha Touch
    3. Dojo
  2. IONIC Framework
  3. App Builder by Telerik
  4. Visual Studio Tools for Hybrid App Development
  5. TouchStoneJS
  6. OnSen UI
you can go through the listed frameworks and get introduced to these. We will talk about each of them in detail in coming blogs and would create a running app in each of these.

by the time you can brush up your Javascript, HTML and CSS. 

Happy Coding!!

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