Thursday, June 5, 2014

Swift programming language Introduction

I was on my way to learn the all mighty Objective-C, and suddenly Apple has come up with the super cool programming language "Swift"....

We will discuss few things about Swift and you will see more Tutorials coming on the way here regarding this.

Here are few of the highlights of the Swift.

  • Adapts Safe Programming Patterns
  • Future of the Apple Software Development
  • Provides access to the existing Foundation and Cocoa Framework.
  • Support both iOS and Mac Apps development.
Best thing that comes with Swift is...


Playground is an innovative feature that lets you play with the programming language and you can see the results of the program on the fly without even building and running the code. What it does:
  • Display the output of the string manipulation.
  • All the mathematical calculations are computed.
  • Tells you how many times a loop is going to run.
  • Watching the result is far more comfortable.
There are many other features and sure I will try to details out them in separate blog. Playgrounds are available in XCode 6 beta version.

XCode 6

Sneak Peek to XCode 6 to check the overview of the XCode 6 features. OfCourse if you have the membership you can go and download and check out the features.

You should have Maverick Installed to install the XCode 6 beta version. This is the minimum requirement for the the XCode 6 beta.

Happy Coding!!

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