Sunday, January 5, 2014

Objective C Runtime

We will discuss how Objective C runtime system works and how we can find information about the objects at the runtime. The language always behave differently compile time and runtime. 

Objective C Runtimes

Objective C have two versions of the runtime "modern" and "legacy". The modern version comes with version 2.0 of the language. 

Difference among both the versions is that with the modern runtime if you change the layout of a class than you do not have to recompile the classes that inherit from it.

iPhone applications and 64 bit applications on Mac OS X v10.5 or later use the modern version of the runtime, other programs use the legacy version of the runtime.

Runtime Functions

The runtime is dynamic shared library which provide different functions and data structures which are located in the dir usr/include/obj c. Many of these functions allow you to write the plain C what compiler do when you compile a objective c program.


Other part of the runtime is Messaging. About which I have already written a blog which you want to take a look at Messaging in Objective C

For more refer Objective C Runtime..

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