Monday, October 7, 2013

What's New in XCode 5 Part 1

What's New in XCode 5 Part 1

As we all know that iOS 7 has been the major release of iOS and it has brought us developers so many cool features. iOS 7 What's a new link to know more about it.

iOS 7 release brings the release of iOS 7 SDK and XCode 5, iOS 7 SDK and Xcode 5 download is available. Once you download and Installed XCode 5 you must be wondering now what's new in this... Right? That's what we are going to discuss in this very Blog.. and of course as IDE XCode do a lot of things and you know being a programmer it won't be easy to explain all the things in place. :) So I will be writing series of blogs to cover the features and this is the Beginning.. :) 

So What's New in XCode 5? Here are features:
  • Documentation has been split into the full window with complete tab support. Now you have direct access to your table of contents. Now you can easily share the documentation just by clicking the Share Botton on the top left corner.

  • Performance the one thing that has been improved a lot is Performance. XCode 5 is fast and responsive and rest can be seen by the chart below:

  As you can see in the chart  Device Discovery is 6x faster than before and it will happen instantly now.
  • Source Control Source Control has been very powerful but now with the new release it supports:
    • Branch Based Development Workflows.

    • New checkout Workflow provides you an easy way to move to your Favourite, Recent and difference Repositories.
    • Now we have new Top Level new menu option for Source Control which provide access to the common options like checkout, Commit etc, and options know exactly which project and what workspace you are working on.

    • XCode now brings a new feature which tracks who had changed the line of code. It brings up the window showing the information as shown...

  • Automatic Configuration Now with XCode 5 provisioning profiles are configured automatically. You just go to Accounts and provide you apple id and XCode will get the information regarding your developer profile to your Team Identities. 
    • So now from your Project Explorer you can switch between your different Identities.. isn't it cool.. means you might be working on different Client Projects, as a contractor or between your Home Projects...
Continue reading to What's New in XCode 5 Part 2.

You can go here to see XCode 5.0 Release Notes to get details of the Known Issues.

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